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Kevin Hernandez

Spider Man Edge Of Time Pc Game Highly Compressed 338

players spend their time jumping, swinging, and web-slinging around manhattan, which in and of itself isn't too bad. the city has an undeniably distinctive aesthetic, thanks in large part to the work of the talented and extremely busy and dedicated raymond scott. the main issue is the game's myriad of loading screens, which happen about every 10-15 minutes to a half hour. this can be a turn off for some, but it's not too big of an issue when you consider the gameplay on offer. the combat, swinging mechanics, and web-slinging are all very similar to previous spider-man games. we've seen the same basic combat systems and web-swinging at least once before in the spider-man series, and all it needs is a few tweaks to be a true refresher. in fact, it has more moves than you can shake a web-line at - a few more than shattered dimensions, to be exact. so if you've played a spider-man game before, you'll be right at home. what's different is the addition of a no-holds-barred, free-running attack. you can make your webline stretch longer, and then jump over the entire city of manhattan, all while swinging. this is all well and good, and it certainly adds a new layer of strategy, but the game isn't quite as fun as the one you're used to playing.

Spider Man Edge Of Time Pc Game Highly Compressed 338

there's a reason why spider-man has a long and illustrious history in gaming. he's perfect for a character based game, and a great character to play. that's why you see so many games based on him - because he's got more to offer than any other superhero.

spider-man: edge of time is a great attempt to put a fresh coat on a character that's been done to death. unfortunately, it does it in a manner that's just not consistent with the character - and that's the only reason this game made it to the top five of our list. it's a fun game, just not an entirely enjoyable one.


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