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Lg V20 Still Worth Buying

We have to give kudos to LG that despite the LG V20 being a metal phone, the back cover can still pop off and provide access to a removable battery. LG is the only top-end phone manufacturer that has stuck to its guns and ensured that the feature remains, where the rest of have dropped it for the sake of refinement and planned obsolescence.

lg v20 still worth buying


But Samsung's still dealing with some Galaxy Note 7 fiasco fallout, and the G6 is a great alternative if you're squeamish about Samsung. Plus, with a $600-$720 (depending on the carrier) price tag, the G6 is about $30-$100 cheaper than the S8. For the first time in a long time, an LG handset stands a fighting chance to be your next high-end Android phone. It may not be popular enough to be Prom King, but it's a no-compromise premium phone with enough mainstream appeal to be on the ballot.

The G6 is LG's nicest-looking flagship yet, which I don't say often, especially given last year's out-there G5. But the polished G6 has a streamlined aesthetic and a smooth unibody design (think the LG V20 with fewer seams or the G5 with fewer bumps). It's a bit heavy in the hand, but that doesn't bother me much. Like with previous LG handsets, the fingerprint sensor is built into the home button on the back, which sits below the camera (and not next to it, like with the S8). Oh, and don't worry, there's still a headphone jack. The sharp, 5.7-inch screen takes up roughly 80 percent of the front of the phone, leaving it with an impressively thin bezel all around. It's unique in that it has an 18:9 aspect ratio (with the exception of the S8, most phones are 16:9).

When I benchmarked the 835 in a reference device, it indeed outpaced phones with the 821 (including the G6) by a comfortable margin. And while the S8, which also has the 835 for certain markets, garnered slightly lower scores than the reference device (this makes sense, since reference devices are designed for peak performance), the S8 still consistently edged out the G6.

LG took a chance with the G5 and when that became a dud, it switched gears and made the G6 like every other flagship you see now (and will probably keep seeing throughout 2017). That's not exactly a bad thing though. By going with a simple, sleek design, a water-resistant body and a feature-packed camera, LG is giving phone users what they want. Covering the basics may be boring, but it works when you do it right (and even better when you can do it for a cheaper price). In the case of the G6, while it doesn't have anything novel or buzzworthy, it's LG's most marketable and widely-appealing phone yet.

Forget the polycarbonate back on the V10; the LG V20 is metal. This does not mean the smartphone is more fragile, as it has still managed to get a MIL-STD 810G military certification. The shell uses a mix of aluminum and a new silicon-based material, whilst the upper and lower parts are made of polycarbonate. I regret to say though that it lacks IP67 and IP68 certification, which is now standard for many flagship smartphones.

The volume buttons are located on the left side of the phone. The buttons for releasing the removable back of the phone for the battery, the SIM and microSD card access is located on the right. The dual rear camera on the back does protrude from the surface but the V20 can still be laid flat on a table without wobbling.

Using the phone with one hand is still quite difficult, despite the additional software support from LG. During our test, the sensor responded fairly well but there were some occasions where at least several attempts were needed before the fingerprint was recognized.

Overall, the LG V20 is a large, attractive smartphone that has a unique personality. LG has made some progress on making the phone more attractive but the adjustments are still not perfect. The gaps where different parts of the phone come together are still visible to the eye and noticeable in its handling.

Battery life is good, but sometimes inconsistent. Shooting HD video, including many pauses with the screen still lit up, barely had any impact on the percentage shown on screen. Play some games though, and that quickly changes, resulting in a faster drain. However, we still found two days of regular use is possible, or a day and a half maximum if you use it more solidly.

Whether or not this was always the intent of LG execs, the air is now cleared to consider the LG V20, a phone worth no small consideration. There are a lot of features of this phone that may put it on your short list.

Admittedly, removable batteries (at least done the LG way) do present some design problems. It is still not possible to design a phone that is both water-resistant and that has a replaceable battery -- and the market seems to be headed toward water-resistance. And in an industry that prides itself on a smooth, glassy fit and finish, the V20 has an unmistakable seam between the phone's removable metal back and its glass front. You'll feel the edge every time you hold the phone.

Similarly, the camera offers an uncommon level of control for both still photos and video. As I was picking through the software, I kept thinking I'd found the boundaries of the application only to find yet another set of settings for another set of options.

There are manual modes for both still and video. In video, you can reduce motion blur (or not) and turn on tracking focus (or not), as well as control white balance, focus peaking, ISO and shutter speed. Video resolution goes up to Full HD at 60fps or 4K. It's all a little dizzying, and you'll want to have that microSD card installed.

Most of LG's choices ultimately succeed, but the overall impression is one of a product that's a bit out there, still with some rough edges -- literally, with the inescapable seam where the phone's removable back meets its front, and metaphorically, with a non-standard Android interface that may take some getting used to.

We've currently tested 21 Vizio soundbars. The brand makes a wide variety of soundbars with a good price-to-performance ratio. Their products often don't look or feel as premium as models from competing brands; however, you still usually get a good amount of features, like sound customization options, different wireless playback options, and even Atmos support. While their soundbars tend to sound well-balanced, some models handle stereo dynamics better than others. That said, they still tend to provide good value for the price. Below, you'll find the best Vizio sound bars we've tested.

If you're on an even tighter budget, consider the Vizio V Series V51-H6. This 5.1 setup is a more affordable alternative to the Vizio M Series M512a-H6, and it's still a great choice for listening to everything from music to movies. Thanks to its dedicated subwoofer, you enjoy a deep and rumbling low-bass that brings action-packed scenes in your favorite shows to life, while dialogue remains clear and present in the mix. The two satellites included with purchase spread sound effects throughout your room, meaning you get an immersive feel with surround sound content.

This bar also supports 5.1 surround sound formats like Dolby Digital and DTS, commonly found on many streaming platforms and Blu-ray discs. Since it's a 2.1 setup, it has to downmix this content into stereo to play it. That means it doesn't sound as clear or real as our top picks. Sound effects seem like they're coming from a speaker placed in front of you, and the action doesn't expand around you. If you want a better surround sound performance, it's worth upgrading to a setup with rear speakers like the Vizio V Series V51-H6, but if you want a simple bar to enhance vocal-centric TV shows, the V21-H8 remains a good choice.

Vizio makes a ton of different soundbars at various price points. In general, they provide pretty good value for the price, especially if you find an older model on sale. Other popular brands like LG or Samsung tend to follow a pretty tight yearly release schedule, discontinuing prior years' models not long after the new ones come out. However, Vizio is a bit more like Sony in that their soundbars tend to stay on the market for longer. It's not uncommon to see models that are two or even three years old that are still available for purchase. It makes it possible to find some really good deals, especially on models that are soon to be discontinued. While their products tend to look and feel cheaper than competing models from other brands, it's a pretty minor sacrifice for the solid performance you generally get in exchange.

Vizio is best known for their competitively-priced TVs, and their soundbar division follows suit. They have a wide range of soundbar models at various price points to satisfy all kinds of users. Most of their products provide very good value for the price, and their soundbars are no exception. It's possible to find surprisingly fully-featured models at a relatively low price point, especially when there's a sale. However, their products usually don't look or feel very high-end. If you're not picky about build quality, Vizio soundbars are worth considering.

Minor changes have polished up the interface and animations, but the layout is still Android 11 icons and shortcuts. No new Material You in sight. The same gremlins seem to be un-fixable. My V60 still stuck at Wideline L3, reducing the quality of streaming video.

Bluetooth earbuds are getting better and better, but the LG headphone jack still stands as the premier solution for high quality portable audio. Not just a practical port, but quality that rivals more expensive standalone audio players.

4.2/5 is a very decent score for a smartphone which is now 3 years old, and which has been superseded by three further iterations of the G series. In the main, the G4 proved a very capable performer, and still worth consideration today.

As far as operating systems go, the V20 was released with Android 7.0. In terms of processors and power, the LG device has a 16GHz quad core powering it and 4GB RAM (which flagship phones being released a few years later still had). 041b061a72


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