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Explaining Football Betting from A to Z for New Sports Bettors

Are you looking to learn about online sports betting to add more excitement to watching football matches? Are you overwhelmed by the numerous types of football bets and unfamiliar terms? bet win tips will explain football betting and related sports terms in this section.

Overview and Explanation of Basic Football Bets for Beginners

The current market offers a vast array of football bets, ranging from basic to advanced. These bets come in various forms and types to keep the betting experience fresh and engaging, allowing players to choose their preferred type.

However, this can be a double-edged sword for both newcomers and experienced bettors. Knowing too many types can lead to confusion during betting if you don't clearly understand the specific bet type you are placing. Here are some basic types that most football bettors are familiar with.

Explaining European Odds

European odds, also known as 1X2 odds, are simple and straightforward. In this type of bet, you choose whether the home team (1), the away team (2), or a draw (X) will occur.

European odds are simple and offer a high chance of winning, though the payout is not as high as other types of bets. This makes it suitable for beginners, as you can win without needing to delve too deeply into the teams' backgrounds.

Explaining Asian Handicap – Handicap Bets

Asian Handicap bets, or simply Handicap bets, originated from king betting site. This type of bet aims to balance the perceived strength differences between two teams. Essentially, the stronger team gives a head start of a certain number of goals to the weaker team.

Explaining Over/Under Bets

Over/Under bets, also known as Totals or O/U bets, involve predicting the total number of goals scored by both teams in a match. If you predict that the total goals will be higher than the bookmaker’s number, you bet on "Over." If you predict it will be lower, you bet on "Under."

Over/Under bets can be placed for the first half, the second half, or the entire match. They can also extend to other aspects like the number of yellow cards or corner kicks in a game.

Explaining Double Chance Bets

Double Chance bets are straightforward and similar to European odds (1X2). In Double Chance, you bet on two out of three possible outcomes:

  • 1 or X: Bet on the home team to win or draw.

  • 1 or 2: Bet on either the home team or the away team to win.

  • X or 2: Bet on a draw or the away team to win.

Explaining Football Betting Terms for Beginners

Each type of football bet comes with its own set of terms. Here are some common terms across all football betting types:

  • Bookmaker: Refers to the betting company.

  • Main match: Refers to major and important tournaments.

  • Betting the house: Betting all your funds on a match.

  • Betting under: Betting on the underdog or the under bet.

  • Lost bet: Refers to a losing bet.

  • Golden bet: A bet with a very high chance of winning.

  • Tough bet: A difficult bet with a low chance of winning.

  • Popular bet: A bet that many people are placing.

  • Unpopular bet: A bet that few people are placing.

  • Burnt account: Refers to losing all your money in your betting account.

  • Paying back: Losing a match after winning several matches in a row.

  • Chasing a loss: Betting again despite a high chance of losing, hoping to win.

  • HT (Half Time): Betting on the first half of the match.

  • FT (Full Time): Betting on the entire match.

  • ET (Extra Time): Betting during extra time.

  • Odds: The ratio or rate used to calculate potential winnings.

  • PEN (Penalty): Betting on penalty kicks.

  • Win full: Winning the entire amount.

  • Lose full: Losing the entire amount.

  • Win half / Lose half: Winning or losing half the bet amount.

Below are some specific terms for each type of football bet, as explained by the reputable nigerian betting sites fb88:

Terms in European Odds Betting

As mentioned, European odds (1X2) are straightforward:

  • 1: Bet on the home team to win.

  • X: Bet on a draw.

  • 2: Bet on the away team to win.

Terms in Asian Handicap Betting

  • Level ball (0 – 0): The bookmaker considers both teams to have equal strength.

  • Handicap 0.25, 0.5, 0.75 (¼, ½, ¾): If the match ends in a draw, the payout depends on the selected team and the specific handicap.

  • Handicap 1, 2, etc.: The stronger team gives a head start of one or more goals to the weaker team.

The above explanations from fb88 aim to help readers understand various football bets and terms. Hopefully, this guide will enhance your understanding of football betting and its terminology.


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