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Before public schools are denounced for making boyslicentious of habit and obscene of tongue, parents mightask themselves what preventive measures they themselveshave taken. And, before any one attacks the insistence[25]on athletics in public schools, he might ask himselfwhat better physical discipline he can propose andwhether this derided love of sport is inculcated at schoolor at home. If a boy were not compelled by fear ofpunishment to take part in games, he would be coercedby the opinion of parents who would not understand nortolerate a son without the Englishman's normal andnatural preoccupation with sport; and, though compulsorygames are easy to ridicule, they do not kill the chivalryof good sportsmanship: an early Westminstermemory is of a football shield passing, after long andhonourable contest, from one house to another; whilethe head and captain of the winning house fetched awaythe trophy, the losing house lined up to cheer their victorsand, if possible, to drown the cheers of the winninghouse for the one that had lost.

Cubic Kill Array download epic games



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