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Elektra Full Movie Free Download

Elektra is minimalistic in its setting and cast, with only five main characters. Nayantara plays Elektra, the lead character.[9] She was cast after she expressed a desire to work with Shyamaprasad. Nayantara says: "I am doing this film purely for creative satisfaction, as it offers me an opportunity to showcase my histrionics skills. I am excited that I am going to explore a new genre and the director is insisting on spontaneity. So, I intend to go to the sets with an open mind."[10] When asked the reason for entrusting such a strong role to Nayantara, Shyamaprasad said, "Everyone has this question. To be frank, after Ritu, I happened to meet Nayantara and she said she was really interested in doing movies with me. She was very keen on doing a meaningful role, something with substance. Usually she does those, you know, the glamorous, superficial roles which I guess supports her career. But she nursed the desire to do much deeper roles. Thus Elektra happened."[3] Nayantara also gave voice to the character.[11] Prakash Raj plays Elektra's father, and Bollywood actress Manisha Koirala plays the mother, who is also the main antagonist.[12] The film is Koirala's debut in Malayalam cinema.[13] About her casting, Shyamaprasad says: "At the initial stages of scripting itself, I had drawn a picture of the character in my mind and I wanted somebody very attractive yet very powerful to do the role. There was nobody I could think of other than Manisha. In terms of beauty, the inner quality of the character she identifies with and her experience in films, she was the perfect choice for me as Diana. When I approached her, she loved the script. She said she wanted to work with me and said would definitely be part of my dream project. I appreciate her move, as Malayalam as a language is really tough to learn and pronounce for an actor. But she pulled it off so gracefully. I have full admiration towards her and her work."[3] Koirala says that she was advised by many not to do the film, as her role has an extramarital affair.[14] Film actress Praveena gave voice to Koirala's character.[15] Sakhi Thomas was the costume designer for this movie.

Elektra full movie free download

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